StateWORKS is the only Software Engineering method that uses design practices as sound as those used to engineer hardware, bridges and airplanes: StateWORKS takes the coding out of software and truly puts the "engineering" back in software! StateWORKS could very well be software's Silver Bullet.

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With StateWORKS, your software team will increase its productivity, with dramatic reductions in development time and on-time delivery, every time.

StateWORKS has been around for several years, is extremely reliable and has been applied successfully to a wide variety of projects, and particularly in highly complex systems: embedded systems, telecommunication, measurement, etc.. StateWORKS-generated applications run on Windows, Linux and any other operating system, in fact they can even run on small microprocessors.

What is StateWORKS

StateWORKS is a complete method, from development to runtime, for creating high-quality software through models: software behaviour is expressed as a system of finite state machines. Very large complex systems can be handled, by using many state machines in a hierarchical structure; the complexity is fully managed, in fact the top levels of the hierarchy constitute a specification of the project that is clear enough to be discussed with management, marketing or customers.

StateWORKS tools, including multi-mode editors, allow engineers to express application requirements so completely, and in such fine detail, that the executable application can be generated without any code writing. By almost eliminating coding and debugging, StateWORKS brings phenomenal increases in productivity and dramatically reduced development time. Bugs are eliminated in the design process, not left to the "testing" or "maintenance" phase. Applications developed with StateWORKS are well documented and maintainable.

StateWORKS executable files are fast and efficient. You link StateWORKS executable files with our libraries and run the application on any OS or processor.

StateWORKS can also generate C code using the thinStates compiler. This allows you more flexibility, such as the ability to use Stateworks in microcontroller applications.

StateWORKS is described in great detail in the book "Modeling Software with Finite State Machines: A Practical Approach"

thinStates compiler - a C code generator

StateWORKS with thinStates generates C-code corresponding the system of state machines that you have specified.

StateWORKS Advantages

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Why Stateworks?

Sceptical about StateWORKS? Have you heard it all before? And what's wrong with writing code? Besides, everyone is talking about UML, why use StateWORKS? Read all about it!