StateWORKS: Advantages

Some of the advantages for programmers of engineering software with StateWORKS are:

  • Software developed with StateWORKS is fast, well documented, readable and maintainable.
  • When you start a project, the StateWORKS specifications are easily verified with your customer!
  • When you deliver, the documentation is generated automatically.
  • There is no need to spend time debugging, and your customers never get buggy early releases.
  • New features or changes can be added without pain, because no code gets tweaked (there is no code!).
  • StateWORKS specifications are infinitely more readable than C code or UML.
  • StateWORKS allows your engineers to create a true architectural backbone for your application.
  • StateWORKS is easy to learn.

StateWORKS also gives some important advantages for managers