What's it

The site is a follower of the SW Software site. The company SW Software closed at the end of 2014. I, Ferdinand Wagner as the creator of the StateWORKS idea have decided to continue the site. My partners have no objections. The original text of this page was:

SW Software has been formed by an engineering team with a proven track record in software engineering. Our team is committed to accelerating development and time to market for software, based on the finite state machine model. The results of our StateWORKS standard software modeling tools serve as a framework for runtime systems. The goal is to meet and react to customer requirements in the entire specification, design and implementation phases of software development.

Our founding team has been involved in using StateWORKS for several projects in:

  • Telecommunications
  • Machine control
  • Building control
  • Measurement systems

The important milestones of our engineering team:

  • Definition of the VFSM concept and its first implementations in a machine control and telecommunication
  • Development of StateWORKS (development and run-time system for WindowsNT)
  • Realisation of several large projects with hundreds of state machines
  • Introduction of runtime systems for several platforms (Windows 8/7/XP, Windows XP embedded, Windows CE, with COM interface, Linux)
  • Major revisions of StateWORKS modeling tools and runtime systems(TCP/IP interface, advanced monitors for automated testing, complement control value, XML import / export, password, incorporating of external state machines into the modeling tools)
  • Introduction in StateWorks studio of the thinStates compiler, used as code generator, generates C-code implementation of the specified system of state machines, as an alternative to running state machine files on our runtime executives. The thinState compiler may be used in microcontroller applications.