Advantages for Managers

A manager of any big project needs to be able to estimate the required effort, and to monitor progress. In many software projects this has been very difficult, as quite fast coding has given a false impression of progress, and a long and arduous testing and de-bugging phase has resulted in failure to meet deadlines. Using StateWORKS, the initial development phase allows the product to be examined and better defined, and the project is completed more smoothly.

Since the essential behavior, which we call "control flow" is defined in the high-level model rather than in the final code, it becomes easier to change it, if needed, at a late stage, with good security. Furthermore, code re-use is facilitated in that complex software may be carried over to new projects with new requirements, and adapted to them with few unexpected side-effects. There will always be some residual bugs in a software product, but StateWORKS technology has been shown to reduce the number by about 50%.

productivity gap
The Productivity Gap

The productivity increase experienced by users of StateWORKS varies, but is always significant, and seems to range from 40% to over 300%. The latter figure applies to situations where StateWORKS replaces up to 80% of the coding activity for a project, which has been known. Because of the structuring of all interactions between parts of the system, it becomes easier for the project manager to ensure that all his team members can make useful contributions.

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