StateWORKS Newsletter 6/2011


  1. Welcome
  2. StateWORKS Studio, version 8
  3. thinStates compiler

1. Welcome

Today I would like to draw your attention to version 8 of StateWORKS Studio. It contains the thinStates compiler and C code generator that expands the application domains for our development tool.

F. Wagner

2. StateWORKS Studio, version 8

We have introduced version 8 of StateWORKS Studio which has several new features. First of all it runs under Windows 7 (and of course under Windows XP).

Version 8 is still available as LE, Basic and Pro variants but in addition there is a choice between the RTDB library and a thinStates C code generator. Specifically, the following software development environments are available:

  • Variant LE does not change: you get it for free by purchasing the book “Modeling software with Finite State Machines”.
  • Variant Basic and Pro are in two forms: with the RTDB library and with the thinStates compiler.

The Basic variant with the thinStates compiler is also available for a free 30-day evaluation period. This arrangement allows you to test the thinState C code generator.

3. thinStates compiler

The thinStates compiler generates a C code of the specified system of state machines. Instead of trying to explain the thinStates compiler in the Newsletter I encourage you to read the thinStates section on our web site which begins:

The thinStates C Compiler for StateWORKS offers a "thin" way to Finite State Machine software design with StateWORKS SWStudio.

The generated C source code, models the State Machines' logic and interconnections with the other objects.

The thinStates compiler can be used in any situation where coded solution is preferred, micro-controller based control systems with limited resources being the primary target.You specify the system with StateWORKS Studio and generate a C code that may be integrated in your application code.