StateWORKS Newsletter #3, 21.05.2003

1. Improved Web site
2. Technical note: Hierarchical system of state machines
3. Case study: Gas control

1. Improved Web site

In our efforts to explain what is 'StateWORKS' we have again changed the web site, especially the start page. We put a few provocative questions there. We added also a new case study which supports the technical note announced by this newsletter.

An interesting aspect of our 'marketing' activities is the problem of the term 'executable specification'. I used this expression in my first paper about VFSM ( "VFSM Executable Specification") several years ago. To use this term today is rather counter-productive as everybody knows what it means now (a specification of the model that does not free you from designing and implementing the application software), and the meaning has changed. Therefore, we invented the name 'Executable Behavior Specification'. The term is long and as such too heavy but maybe it is a way to separate StateWORKS from the slightly misleading 'Executable Specification' of some other companies.

I would be interested in your opinion about the answers to the question on the start page and about the 'Executable (Behavior) Specification' term.

F. Wagner  

2. Technical Note

The technical note Hierarchical system of state machines is provided as a PDF document on the StateWORKS web-page.  

3. Case study

The case study Gas control is provided on the StateWORKS web-page. It accompanies the above technical note.