StateWORKS Newsletter 1/07


  1. Welcome
  2. A new technical note "Why UML will not do."

1. Welcome

It is our first newsletter in 2007. We begin the year with a technical note "Why UML will not do". I hope you will enjoy the text. Any comments and criticisms are welcome.

F. Wagner

2. A new technical note "Why UML will not do"

The technical note discusses some basic weak points of UML. Marketing people, and academics who have joined the U.M.L. "band-wagon", try to create an impression that this specification tool for object oriented software is a remedy for all software problems. Unfortunately, some features derived from the object oriented approach limit the applicability of UML: certain control problems as well as inter-process communication cannot be solved elegantly and effectively with UML specification tools. My personal experiences, meeting and working with UML users in several organisations induced me to write the note, made even more vital now that the recent changes in UML to produce UML2 will do more harm than good.